Mobile Application Development

Solvency Inc’s innovative arm of Mobile Application Development services is on rise as the world is
becoming smarter than yesterday with the ongoing revolutions in mobile technology.

With the constant induction of a variety of mobile platforms and devices, Solvency Inc germinated prodigious mobile application development methodologies that emphasize on the provision of cost effective and scalable Mobile Application Development solutions to clients.

We feel majestic to announce that we have a proficient team of mobile application developers, which can handle development programs as per the world-class mobile technological needs. Our huge mobile pouch maintains vast experience about Android, Microsoft Windows technologies and professional technical expertise in mobile programming languages and frameworks to result in qualitative outputs.

‘Challenges are ever-growing’ is the truth but ‘They are not everlasting’ is the fact. Solvency Inc consciously posits this existential thinking at every time. Cultured with an unflagging resolve, Solvency Inc efficiently handles Mobile Application Development for platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry,

Windows Mobile and J2ME.Solvency Inc’s foot print in mobile apps development excels in the following area:

  • Shopping
  • Social networking
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Travel booking
  • Gaming

Solvency Inc’s technical expertise in customizing mobile applications reveals new horizons in the current smart market dynamics. We tailor robust and flexible mobile applications by implementing best practices in the industry at fast turnaround time. Richness dwells in our custom design and development of powerful mobile applications is our sole concept of branding in this area.

Our rise of the realm of custom mobile application development embraces HTML5 based technologies including CSS and JavaScript to render a sophisticated integration with native device APIs.
Boxfull of mobile development frameworks acquired by Solvency Inc includes PhoneGap, Rhomobile and Titanium. Also, we made the development of cross-platform applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry from a single code based well-heeled zero difficulties.

We listed out quantifying key features of our Multi-Platform Custom Mobile Application Development:
  • Employ open source mobile development frameworks
  • Create rich mobile apps with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Reduce the costing of semi permanent development and maintenance activities
  • Reduce the intensity of technical impediments in multi-platform technologies
  • Reduce the number of required skills for the development team
Solvency Inc’s proficient Mobile App Developers rank themselves absolutely top in developing complex mobile apps that suits customer needs in the following arena.
  • Socialnetworking�and blogging apps
  • Business�apps for planning and management
  • Advertising:�corporate, promotional�and coupon apps
  • Medical�and fitness applications
  • Informative�apps
  • Electronic messaging and communication apps
  • Music�and video apps
  • Games, entertainment and leisure applications
Android Services

Solvency Inc unwaveringly stands high in the development of world's leading smart phone platform, Android. Our Android porting services empower the customers to port their iphone, Windows and Blackberry applications compatible with the Android platform as well as web applications to mobile platform. We make systematic designs for the Android projects that are marked by diversity in terms of requirements, content, complexity and budget.

Solvency Inc is classified as a privileged class holding established rules to power the Android platform with new customized installations for our clients. We show great excitement and interest in designing and creating mobile apps that serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or services of the clients.
We evidently understand the demand of Android in the present market and we can be the client’s best choice as we act superior in Android Programming.

Solvency Inc’s mobile app development wing is a group of intelligent people with a common ideology working together to achieve goals specified by clients. We add value to mobile technology to keep customers stay connected for all solar days. Our mobile technology expertise is spread across Mobile, iPhone, Palm and Pocket PC Solutions. Our prime focus is to deliver high quality, high-performance and cost-effective services to satisfy client requirements as part of rendering value to mobile technology go-aheads.

We perform the following duties in Android application developments:

  • Understanding the business model
  • Understanding the application objectives
  • UI/UX Design
  • Feature development
  • Rigorous testing
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